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SuperScript A dialog system and bot engine for conversational UI's.
$ npm install superscript -g


SuperScript was designed to integrate with common sense knowledge bases, and easily extract parts of text for accurately replying to questions asked.


SuperScript is able to look past the words and make sense the underlining meaning of the phrase presented.


SuperScript exposes a simple scripting language for creating chat bots easy and fun.

Open Source

Backed by the most liberal Open Source License available. MIT. Built by the same people behind Node/Natural.

Works with Slack

Extend your team collaboration with an intelligent office assistant. Check out the article on setting up Slack integration.

Web Friendly

SuperScript works on the web over WebSocket, HTTP or TCP. It comes with a built in Telnet Client. And WebSocket Example client.

Phone Systems

Designed to plug into phone sytems or intergrate directly with Twilio API.